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The word Zamir has a web popularity of 3960000 pages.


What means Zamir?

The meaning of Zamir is: Thought

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...Zamir is very proud to present this unique recording comprising selections from our recent european tour.
Zamir is turning to jewish sources as an musical inspiration.
Zamir is committed to the highest quality performance of the jewish choral repetoire.
Zamir is an accomplished oratorio and concert artist.
Zamir is a window onto the minds and lives of the balkans.
Zamir is the first john zorn disciple that i can recall.
Zamir is producing 3 levels of recorders from 4 kinds of woods plus plastic recorders.
Zamir is very experienced in the software engineering aspects and is greatly in tune with the needs of the dental market in the united states.
Zamir is een dusdanig leraar dat hij de basistechnieken in 3 workshops zal overbrengen.
Zamir is an associate with the firm concentrating in commercial litigation and direct marketing.

What is the origin of name Zamir? Probably Russia or UK.

Zamir spelled backwards is Rimaz
This name has 5 letters: 2 vowels (40.00%) and 3 consonants (60.00%).

Anagrams: Zarim Mriaz Mariz Mizar Amzir Imraz Rmazi Irazm Zmiar Amriz Irmaz Rmiza Zrima Razmi
Misspells: Zsmir Zamit Zamyr Zamil Zami Zamira Zmair Zamri Zaimr

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