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The word Zahedi has a web popularity of 1120000 pages.


What means Zahedi?
The meaning of Zahedi is unknown.

Cyrus Rutherford says: "Zahed" means "Ascetic" in Arabic. The nam was given to members of SUFI Orders who were elevated to "Sheikhs" as notable members or new leaders of these Sufi Orders. On you can learn about the HISTORY of the most significant bearers of the name ZAHEDI, descendants of Sheikh ZAHED Gilani, an Iranian Sufi mystic who lived from 2116 - 1301 AD.

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...Zahedi is director of the west coast operations of the american iranian council.
Zahedi is interested in the regulation of c1 inhibitor gene.
Zahedi is an endocrine physiologist who did his research training at the university of newcastle upon tyne.
Zahedi is an international aggie alum who strongly believes in the value of education.
Zahedi is married with two children and his recreational interest is tennis.
Zahedi is an artist and filmmaker who has found success through his experimental works such as a little stiff and.
Zahedi is an artist and filmmaker who has found success through his experimental works such as a little stiff and his film theories which are on.
Zahedi is widely known as a celebrity photographer whose work appears regularly in vanity fair.
Zahedi is also responsible for the iconographic images of films such as pulp fiction.
Zahedi is represented for his fine art photography through the staley wise gallery in new york.

What is the origin of name Zahedi? Probably Iran or UK.

Zahedi spelled backwards is Idehaz
This name has 6 letters: 3 vowels (50.00%) and 3 consonants (50.00%).

Anagrams: Zaihde Hizade Ahezdi Hediza Iazedh Adhize Edhiza Ihedza Azihed Ezhiad Iehzad Aehizd Zaideh
Misspells: Zshedi Zahedy Zahedia Zhaedi Zaheid Zahdei

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