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What means Wilhite?
The meaning of Wilhite is unknown.

Johanna Wilhite Allyn says: I have Iceland. Still researching for old German. I Vil Heit. He who desires, Vil (God), brother of Odin. Possibly a priest of Vil, a Viking god. nuance may prove deeper meaning. Iceland was settled by Norway. Spelling in America does not matter. You will see multiple spellings from father to son and back. A few spellings indicate a region, but they are early branches of the same family. Males are prolific and are favored with longevity (odds are good among all, including, daughters) It took DNA to find my branch. Now I'm researching the 42 grandsons of one man, who outlived 3 wives. I have over 75 anglicized Wilhite alters. In 1550 spelled Willhiet, the correct spelling. Among first German colony VA. Only 3 Wilhite males came to America. 1 in VA 2 in PA. Most relatives of these here by 1735. The bunch has a long string around the globe, as Vikings, missing link between Viking Wars until 1650 in Germany. Danes, changed Vil to Wille in honor William the Conqueror, researching in Denmark and the territory of Western Europe of the Viking, Rollo, for missing link. hoping for DNA breakthrough. Pretty certain a marriage barter brought male to Germany. I'm independent in theory, others are focused on the Americans. They are back to 1650 and are happy with this. As all in America should be be from that male. Descendants of Germanna, still in contact with Germans in Old World. My profile on Google+ network; Further Research on American Willheit at Germanna Colonies website. PA & MD have early records, too.

Brenda Lee Jones Drawhorn says: Jackson Willhite 1815–1895 BIRTH MAY 27, 1815 • Campbell County, Tennessee DEATH FEB. 17, 1895 • Piney, Texas, Missouri, United States 3rd great-grandfather

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...Wilhite is a research fellow at the centre and course leader of the graduate level course d 180.
Wilhite is a certified hypnotherapist and certified hypnoanaesthesiologist.
Wilhite is professor of agricultural climatology in the school of natural resource sciences at the university of nebraska.
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Wilhite is director of the national drought mitigation center and professor in the school of natural resource sciences at the university of nebraska.
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Wilhite is revising a widely used planning tool he developed earlier to better emphasize risk assessment and mitigation.
Wilhite is so convinced of the benefits of hypnosis that she believes everyone should know how to use it.
Wilhite is professor and associate director of the school of natural resource sciences at the university of nebraska.

What is the origin of name Wilhite? Probably Norway or Kenya.

Wilhite spelled backwards is Etihliw
This name has 7 letters: 3 vowels (42.86%) and 4 consonants (57.14%).

Anagrams: Lihiewt Iihletw Iletihw Lhiteiw Teiwhil Ewithil Lewiiht Liwehit Ihtewli Ilihewt Hwileti Tilehwi Ithiewl
Misspells: Willhite Wilhitte Wylhite Vvilhite Wilhitea Wlihite Wilhiet Wilhtie

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