Werner - details and analysis   

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The word Werner has a web popularity of 159000000 pages.


What means Werner?

The meaning of Werner is: Warin Warrior (Warins Were A Germanic Tribe)

Werner Cornille says: The name is Gaelic. Means : Guardian of the army

Werner Probst says: CEO of TOPO graphics GmbH Geoinformations Systems and Founder of GooGIS

Web synthesis about this name:

...Werner is a commercial litigator who concentrates his practice in the areas of construction law and.
Werner is principally responsible for the tax matters and regulatory enforcement matters handled by the firm.
Werner is only too impatient to conceal the rather flamboyant outfit of artsy.
Werner is a tra senior associate and project manager.
Werner is making this commitment to american whitewater and helping to secure public access to the skykomish.
Werner is more than an expert in the high art of cathedral construction.
Werner is the director of the center for governmental accounting education and research in the graduate school of management at.
Werner is founder and educational chairperson for just between us.
Werner is finding that his message is touching nonmusicians too.
Werner is located at the intersection of i80 and highway 50.

What is the origin of name Werner? Probably Germany or France.

Werner spelled backwards is Renrew
This name has 6 letters: 2 vowels (33.33%) and 4 consonants (66.67%).

Anagrams: Werren Rrewne Enrewr Rnerwe Rewner Rweren Nreerw Werenr
Misspells: Wetner Vverner Welner Wener Wernera Wrener Wernre Werenr

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