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The word Virgil has a web popularity of 5580000 pages.


What means Virgil?

The meaning of Virgil is: Rod Bearer

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...Virgil is committed to making drinking water safer virgil is committed to expanding vocational education virgil is committed to.
Virgil is located in the southern portion of cortland county.
Virgil is in final negotiations for his title shot in november.
Virgil is a returns for his senior year campaign as a distance freestyle and butterfly specialist for the red foxes.
Virgil is a system for organizing large classes into groups for laboratories.
Virgil is going to be doing something substantially different from what homer did.
Virgil is blind and this causes no problems except from her sister.
Virgil is convinced that at least two new major nonprofit initiatives need to be.
Virgil is the 283rd most popular male first name in the.
Virgil is one who anyone would want to have on their side when sides are taken.

What is the origin of name Virgil? Probably Romania or France.

Virgil spelled backwards is Ligriv
This name has 6 letters: 2 vowels (33.33%) and 4 consonants (66.67%).

Anagrams: Vilrig Lrivgi Iglivr Rgilvi Livgir Lvirig Gliirv Viligr
Misspells: Vitgil Virgill Vyrgil Wirgil Vilgil Vigil Virgila Vrigil Virgli Virigl

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Virgil Virgil Virgil Virgil Virgil

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