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The word Vargas has a web popularity of 193000000 pages.


What means Vargas?
The meaning of Vargas is unknown.

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...Vargas is scared even before oscar de la hoya and fernando vargas signed to fight each other.
Vargas is located conveniently only minutes north of the international ballon fiesta park.
Vargas is far from a bad guy when fernando vargas acts like an out.
Vargas is being called bad blood but the name could just as well apply to.
Vargas is one of the many artists that we feature at doubletake gallery.
Vargas is a definite grudge match that should be very memorable.
Vargas is the only bed and breakfast inn along the historic el camino real.
Vargas is responsible for what he swallows by david lassen september 28.
Vargas is presently negotiating with hbo to fight for one of the open belts.
Vargas is so sensitive about the anklet that he refused to talk to a los angeles times reporter who wrote about it.

What is the origin of name Vargas? Probably Chile or Brazil.

Vargas spelled backwards is Sagrav
This name has 6 letters: 2 vowels (33.33%) and 4 consonants (66.67%).

Anagrams: Vasrag Sravga Agsavr Rgasva Savgar Svarag Gsaarv Vasagr
Misspells: Vsrgas Vatgas Wargas Valgas Vagas Varga Vargasa Vragas Vargsa Varags

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