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The word Ullah has a web popularity of 9000000 pages.


What means Ullah?
The meaning of Ullah is unknown.

Mofazul Ullah says: ULLAH means "OF GOD" in Arabic

Web synthesis about this name:

...Ullah is one of 10 whitman students who have received watson fellowships in the past four years.
Ullah is leading a folk music of bangladesh day workshop at the tasmin little music centre.
Ullah is by far the most revered as he brought the last revelation to man.
Ullah is currently in hiding after north waziristan authorities ordered his arrest for reporting on clashes between local tribal groups.
Ullah is designed to make materials about race relations in the greater.
Ullah is the last in a line of prophets from moses to buddha.
Ullah is a technology learning coordinator for the joint venture silicon valley challenge 2000 multimedia project in the oak grove.
Ullah is purely shotokan practitioner started basic karate in 1977 from shaheen karate.
Ullah is a technology learning coordinator for the challenge 2000 multimedia project and a resource teacher at edenvale elementary school in san jose.
Ullah is a technology learning coordinator for the challenge 2000 multimedia project and resource teacher at edenvale elementary school in san jose.

What is the origin of name Ullah? Probably UK or Pakistan.

Ullah spelled backwards is Hallu
This name has 5 letters: 2 vowels (40.00%) and 3 consonants (60.00%).

Anagrams: Ulhal Laluh Lhalu Laulh Lluah Ahlul Ulalh Hlaul Uhall Hlula
Misspells: Ullsh Ulllah Ullaha Ullha Ulalh

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Faiz Ullah
Zafir Ullah
Mohammed Anwar Ullah
Malik Ullah
Ghazala Ullah
Tariq Aman Ullah
Layeeque Ullah
Nur Ullah
Mahbuba Sheba Ullah
Syed Inayat Ullah
Anwarullah Ullah
Kafiat Ullah
Atta Ullah
Mohammad Rafi Ullah
Shehnaz Ullah
Raj Ullah
Burhan Ullah
Hydayat Ullah
Muhammad Aman Ullah
Afzal Ullah
Shaik Ullah
Runur Ullah
Ayet Ullah
Muhammad Nisar Ullah
Nazeer Ullah
Azid Ullah
Wasat Ullah
Waheed Bhayya Ullah
Syed Fasih Ullah
Wahab Ullah
Mamashan Ullah
Musarrat Ullah
Jahad Ullah
Saiqa Ullah
Farah Ullah
Safia Ullah
Sausan Ullah
Shahid Ullah
Moaaz Ullah
Syed Saleem Ullah
Sunny Ullah
Rasel Ullah
Ehtisham Ullah
Mohammad Jawad Ullah
Mian Zabeeh Ullah
Mira Ullah
Iqshan Ullah
Anam Ullah
Wasif Ullah
Mohammed Mazher Ullah
Rauf Ullah
Shakir Ullah
Nazim Ullah
Shaheen Ullah
Ibrarullah Ullah
Nasir Ullah
Dewan Ullah
Avon Ullah
Mohammad Arif Ullah
Rizvi Ullah
Sohail Ullah
Khan Irshad Ullah
Mosfia Ullah
Muhammad Habib Ullah
Mohammad Anis Ullah
Anwar Anwar Ullah
Inam Ullah Ullah
Kazi Habib Ullah
Ashan Ullah
Hasib Ullah
Shaik Rahmath Ullah
Nihmath Ullah
Nauman Ullah
Noah Ullah
Dr Saleem Ullah
Zahra Ullah
Mike Ullah
Mohammed Jaweed Ullah
Kabir Ullah
Masfiq Ullah
Hidyat Ullah