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The word Talukdar has a web popularity of 1350000 pages.


What means Talukdar?
The meaning of Talukdar is unknown.

pratim talukder says: no mention of india- jekan theke talukder er utpotti--strange!!!!!

Sumedha Talukdar says: Talukdar stands for Landlord

What is the origin of name Talukdar? Probably UK or Singapore.

Talukdar spelled backwards is Radkulat
This name has 8 letters: 3 vowels (37.50%) and 5 consonants (62.50%).

Anagrams: Latdurak Kdualart Tluakadr
Misspells: Tslukdar Talukdat Tallukdar Ttalukdar Talukdal Talukda Talukdara Tlaukdar Talukdra Talukadr

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Talukdar Talukdar Talukdar Talukdar Talukdar

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Subhabrata Talukdar
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Saswati Talukdar
Prahlad Talukdar
Kangkan Jyoti Talukdar
Hp Talukdar
Pratima Talukdar
Agnibesh Talukdar
Mriganka Talukdar
Suman Talukdar
Afjal Talukdar
Soham Talukdar
Leena Talukdar
Mintu Talukdar
Samrat Talukdar
Purnajyti Talukdar
Apratim Talukdar
Niladri Talukdar
Dhiramani Talukdar
Debraj Talukdar
Kirti Talukdar