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What means Tally?
The meaning of Tally is unknown.

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...Tally is in for early voting by beverly majors oak ridger.
Tally is adding support for inventory collection on unix and linux machines.
Tally is a science writer and media relations specialist at purdue university.
Tally is in for the january barometers by bob bronson 04 february 2002 06.
Tally is that the size of type is large and easy to read.
Tally is a major international company which specializes in industrial strength dot matrix printers.
Tally is one of the first a3 oversize color laser printers that i have noticed offering this option for europe.
Tally is a convenience function that makes it easy to add a new value onto a list of values.
Tally is scaled with the board ruler and the surface measure of each piece is determined and marked on the piece.
Tally is a must for capturing stacker production and obtaining accurate physical inventory levels.

What is the origin of name Tally? Probably UK or Israel.

Tally spelled backwards is Yllat
This name has 5 letters: 2 vowels (40.00%) and 3 consonants (60.00%).

Anagrams: Tayll Lylat Laylt Llyat Tlyla Ylatl Lyatl Alylt Tylla
Misspells: Tslly Tallly Ttally Talli Tallya Tlaly Talyl

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Tally Tally Tally Tally Tally

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