Swaminathan - details and analysis   

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The word Swaminathan has a web popularity of 3570000 pages.


What means Swaminathan?

The meaning of Swaminathan is: swaminathan is the name of lord muruga in swamimalai kumbakonam tamilnadu india

Web synthesis about this name:

...Swaminathan is an outstanding world statesman and visionary in the agricultural and natural resources arena.
Swaminathan is a well known exponent of bharatanatyam.
Swaminathan is the executive vice president and chief strategist.
Swaminathan is a leading expert on the operational and technological issues of the rapidly changing communications industry.
Swaminathan is the unesco cousteau chair in ecotechnology and chairman of the ms swaminathan research foundation.
Swaminathan is professor of education and psychology at the university of massachusetts at amherst and is a member of the research and evaluation.
Swaminathan is a highly sought after mrudangam artist residing in maryland.
Swaminathan is a true gandhian and is a farmer while kasinathan runs an ayurvedic resort and resides in the town.
Swaminathan is a sculptor of great promise and his concepts on installations are significant and insightful.
Swaminathan is chair of new tc on modeling and simulation.

What is the origin of name Swaminathan? Probably UK or United Arab Emirates.

Swaminathan spelled backwards is Nahtanimaws
This name has 11 letters: 4 vowels (36.36%) and 7 consonants (63.64%).

Anagrams: Atnanihsawm Mnasihtaanw
Misspells: Swsminathan Swaminatthan Swamynathan Svvaminathan Waminathan Swaminathana Sawminathan Swaminathna Swaminatahn

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