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The word Svendsen has a web popularity of 11200000 pages.


What means Svendsen?
The meaning of Svendsen is unknown.

Adrian says: What's the most common country "Adrian" is named in?

Web synthesis about this name:

...Svendsen is the leading danish search engine expert in denmark and founder of the free infosite joyzone.
Svendsen is saying is that the magisterium has not ruled on all theological points.
Svendsen is developing a grammar checker together with eurotra colleagues in italy.
Svendsen is serving as the modeler representative on the steering committee.
Svendsen is able to show by clear and careful biblical scholarship that later roman catholic mariology is not.
Svendsen is founder and director of new testament research ministries.
Svendsen is a sociologist with twenty years of experience in stakeholder and community relations.
Svendsen is a sociologist with expertise in stakeholder and community relations.
Svendsen is testing a computer modeling program called shorecirc.
Svendsen is a rockhampton writer whose published work includes poetry and prose for young people and adults.

What is the origin of name Svendsen? Probably Norway or Denmark.

Svendsen spelled backwards is Nesdnevs
This name has 8 letters: 2 vowels (25.00%) and 6 consonants (75.00%).

Misspells: Swendsen Vendsen Svendsena Sevndsen Svendsne Svendesn

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Vagn Svendsen
Aksel Svendsen
Dorthe Bech Svendsen
Gretchen Svendsen
Svein Tore Svendsen
Majken Svendsen
Tim Svendsen
Gitte Hvorslev Svendsen
Gitte Svendsen
Ursula P. Svendsen
Torsten Svendsen
Lis Svendsen
Lene Willer Svendsen
Tracy Svendsen
Kaare Svendsen
Petter Vinje Svendsen
Kim Atle Svendsen
Rikke Svendsen
Elisabeth Krogh Svendsen
Jesper Nisted Svendsen
Marius Svendsen
Lars Aaby Svendsen
David Svendsen
Phil Svendsen
Mary Svendsen
Silje Haugland Svendsen
Tina Juhl Svendsen
Maria Kristine Svendsen
Jeppe Svendsen
Carsten Svendsen
Preben Svendsen
Chuck Svendsen
Janne Milton Svendsen
Iben Fuglsang Svendsen
Jeannette Svendsen
Charlotte Carmen Svendsen
Jan R. Svendsen
Manija Svendsen
Henrik Sloth Svendsen
Jon Henrik Svendsen
Lori Svendsen
Lene Lavard Svendsen
Ole Lund Svendsen
Caja Svendsen
Britta Svendsen
Trish Svendsen
Fatima Svendsen
Cheri Svendsen
Rikard Svendsen
Bibi Svendsen
Anita E. Svendsen
John Svendsen
Morten Aas Svendsen
Truls Svendsen
Keld Svendsen
Aj Svendsen
Hanne Lindhardt Svendsen
Ellen Svendsen
Inger Svendsen
Winnie Svendsen
Kari Svendsen
Felizia Svendsen
Rune Svendsen
Edward Svendsen
Ole Fredrik Svendsen
Hans Baymler Svendsen
Randy Svendsen
Julie Svendsen
Aage Svendsen
Beagitte Svendsen
Heini Svendsen
Kindra Svendsen
Gurli Svendsen
Hope Svendsen
Tove Svendsen
Kristian Freng Svendsen
Paul Fridtjof Svendsen
Kristine Skjold Svendsen
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Naja Svendsen
Laila Svendsen
Kerstin Svendsen
Karen Svendsen
Joakim Myren Svendsen
Josef Svendsen
Trine Svendsen
Brian Holm Svendsen
Lasse Hardon Svendsen
Liane Lykke Svendsen
Anita Bang Svendsen
Kristina Svendsen
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Tomas Svendsen
Zachary Svendsen
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Ejner Munk Svendsen
Jason Svendsen
Matthew Svendsen
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Bente Svendsen
Jytte Tholstrup Svendsen
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John S. Svendsen
Darrel Svendsen
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Heidi Eie Svendsen
Anny Brenne Svendsen