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The word Soomro has a web popularity of 1710000 pages.


What means Soomro?
The meaning of Soomro is unknown.

Web synthesis about this name:

...Soomro is billed not just as an exhibit but as a sporting ambassador.
Soomro is presiding over the 4th meeting of research advisory committee convened to discuss the research activities and plans of.
Soomro is not the first record holder employed as a crowd.
Soomro is dead but the jirga system and qisas and diyat ordinance are very much alive.
Soomro is chief executive officer for citibank in pakistan.
Soomro is the speaker of the national assembly of pakistan.
Soomro is a smart real estate agent with a lot of heart.
Soomro is absolutely not a renowned evangelist and his only ministry is being on the email and internet.
Soomro is the new chairman of the pakistan parliamentarians group on population and development with membership from all.
Soomro is in germany and he will chair the na session as acting speaker in accordance with the provision of the constitution.

What is the origin of name Soomro? Probably UK or Pakistan.

Soomro spelled backwards is Ormoos
This name has 6 letters: 3 vowels (50.00%) and 3 consonants (50.00%).

Anagrams: Omorso Oosorm Omroso Osorom Osroom Oroosm Mrooso Osoomr Mooros Omosor Rmooso Omoosr Soormo
Misspells: Soomto Soomlo Soomo Oomro Soomroa Soomor Soormo

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Muhammadomer Soomro
Muhammad Soomro
Kamran A. Soomro
Saniya Soomro
Rafiullah Soomro
Farhana Soomro
Nazir Ahmed Soomro
Madz Soomro
Baboojani Soomro
Shafqat Soomro
Ejaz Ali Soomro
Mohammad Ashraf Soomro
Muddasir Ali Soomro
Suhaib Ahmed Soomro
Rukia Soomro
Shabbeer Soomro
Dr Hassan Soomro
Jameel Soomro
Dr Nabila Soomro
Xulfiqar Ali Soomro
Aqeedat Zahera Soomro
Abdul Rehman Soomro
Mansoor Ahmed Soomro
Mutiullah Soomro
Ghulam Ali Soomro
Abdul Rauf Soomro
Arsalan Soomro
Maryana Soomro
Tooba Soomro
Amal Soomro
Abdul Qayyum Soomro
Majid Ali Soomro
Altaf Ahmed Soomro
Huda Soomro
Alumni Soomro
Zahid Soomro Soomro
Asiya Soomro
Daniyal Soomro
Aamir Mahmood Soomro
Sarwan Soomro
Mushtaque Ahmad Soomro
Asad Ali Soomro
Kaleem Soomro
Ikram Soomro
Nisar Ahmed Soomro
Aijaz Soomro
Allahbakhsh Soomro
Mohammad Soomro
Tahir Soomro
Sheeraz Ali Soomro
Aqeel Ahmed Soomro
Zaheer Ahmed Soomro
Ubed Ullah Soomro
Mehmood Soomro
Abdul Ghafoor Soomro
Mansoor Ali Soomro
Dany Soomro
Fateh M. Soomro
Yousif Soomro
Naveed Soomro
Sania Soomro
Mohammad Azam Soomro
Abdul Wahab Soomro
Dr Khalid Soomro
Afzaal Soomro
Anees Ahmed Soomro
Raheel Soomro
Habibullah Soomro
Nayab Soomro
Muhammad Azam Soomro
Muzaffar Ali Soomro
Saleemullah Soomro
Muhammad Bilal Soomro
Rafique Soomro
Naveen Soomro
Majid Hussain Soomro
Gmsoomro Soomro
Tasaduq Soomro
Touseef Soomro
Rezvan Soomro
Samreen Soomro
Roshan Soomro
Munwar Soomro
Armail Soomro
Muhammad Khaleel Soomro
Maqbool Soomro
Atta Soomro
Khair Soomro