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The word Schram has a web popularity of 4880000 pages.


What means Schram?

The meaning of Schram is: var of Shram

Web synthesis about this name:

...Schram is the sarpy county commissioner from the 5th district.
Schram is appealing as an aperitif or enjoy with roasted nuts.
Schram is a director of the board of wecare home health services inc.
Schram is recognized as a leader in his industry for increasing the profitability of dismantling and recycling vehicles.
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Schram is the assistant golf professional at prairieview golf course in byron.
Schram is a family oriented company that believes in honesty and hard work.
Schram is an old settler and dealer in agricultural implements and all classes of farm machinery.

What is the origin of name Schram? Probably Netherlands or France.

Schram spelled backwards is Marhcs
This name has 6 letters: 1 vowels (16.67%) and 5 consonants (83.33%).

Misspells: Schrsm Schtam Schlam Scham Chram Schrama Shcram Schrma Scharm

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