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What means Schoenfelder?
The meaning of Schoenfelder is unknown.

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...Schoenfelder is formerly of winsted and was crowned miss winsted in 1996.
Schoenfelder is competing for queen of the lakes at the minneapolis aquatennial in july.
Schoenfelder is one of four state commissioners appointed to the universal service fund.
Schoenfelder is a wellness consultant at the sioux valley hospital wellness center.
Schoenfelder is a senior psychology and american studies major.
Schoenfelder is among the many aviation professionals who like to see military experience on a resume.
Schoenfelder is the commissioner from sd sitting on the board.
Schoenfelder is reading this guest book in mission texas.
Schoenfelder is a 25 year old slalom specialist and this was the third slalom win of his career.
Schoenfelder is one of those women wearing the same old clothing all thru the week and she always has the same old haircut and keeos on confusing english.

What is the origin of name Schoenfelder? Probably France or Germany.

Schoenfelder spelled backwards is Redlefneohcs
This name has 12 letters: 4 vowels (33.33%) and 8 consonants (66.67%).

Misspells: Schoenfeldet Schoenfellder Schoenfeldel Schoenfelde Choenfelder Schoenfeldera Shcoenfelder Schoenfeldre Schoenfeledr

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