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The word Safdar has a web popularity of 3370000 pages.


What means Safdar?
The meaning of Safdar is unknown.

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...Safdar is seeing 30 or more patients tuesdays at his kneibert clinic office.
Safdar is director of the voters telecommunications watch.
Safdar is a junior who always seems to play her best at the most critical moments.
Safdar is overly effusive in method acting to the point of forgetting subtlety.
Safdar is a student of international relations at the university of karachi.
Safdar is a medical graduate of fatima jinnah medical college in lahore.
Safdar is stated to be the brother of wazirabad naib tehsildar imran safdar and a cousin of chaudhry shujaat husain and chaudhry pervez elahi.
Safdar is an investigation into the political murder of safdar hashmi.
Safdar is a clinical and research fellow in infectious diseases at the university of wisconsin.
Safdar is serving as the chairman of the cluster and may be reached at 202.

What is the origin of name Safdar? Probably Pakistan or UK.

Safdar spelled backwards is Radfas
This name has 6 letters: 2 vowels (33.33%) and 4 consonants (66.67%).

Anagrams: Sarfad Rfasda Adrasf Fdarsa Rasdaf Rsafad Draafs Saradf
Misspells: Ssfdar Safdat Safdal Safda Afdar Safdara Sfadar Safdra Safadr

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