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The word Reveles has a web popularity of 1030000 pages.


What means Reveles?
The meaning of Reveles is unknown.

Sarah Elizabeth Raquel Reveles says: I know all that there is to the word the meaning and the legend, for I am the original and only one Reveles. Lol. All shall not know what I am up too. By the way, I never hang out in San Diego. Lol

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...Reveles is a san diego county native whose musical studies began at the age of four in the studio of dorothy kelly in.
Reveles is a san diego county native whose musical studies began at the early age of four in the studio of dorothy.
Reveles is also the main drive behind a number of special projects.
Reveles is currently the director of education and outreach for the san diego opera.
Reveles is recipient of the 1990 future teacher of the year award from sacramento state university.
Reveles is the best library teacher in the whole school.
Reveles is director of education and outreach at the san diego opera and has been lecturing regularly on opera since 1977.
Reveles is entitled to costs under code of civil procedure section 1032 unless another statute expressly precludes recovery.

What is the origin of name Reveles? Probably Mexico or Portugal.

Reveles spelled backwards is Selever
This name has 7 letters: 3 vowels (42.86%) and 4 consonants (57.14%).

Anagrams: Vleesre Elevser Evseler Veleser Eserelv Verlees Elverse Seelerv Serveel Evlesre Erevsel
Misspells: Teveles Revelles Reweles Leveles Eveles Revele Revelesa Rveeles Revelse Reveels

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