Rajkumar - details and analysis   

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The word Rajkumar has a web popularity of 16800000 pages.


What means Rajkumar?

The meaning of Rajkumar is: handsome prince

Web synthesis about this name:

...Rajkumar is supposed to be an elemental film in both.
Rajkumar is so much a part of the kannadiga milieu that it is difficult to describe or explain why he enjoys the status he does.
Rajkumar is an icon in karnataka and we have to pay a small price to secure his release.
Rajkumar is the grandson of the legendary tamil poet.
Rajkumar is doing trial and error to find a permanent cure for his knee pain.
Rajkumar is credited for bailing out the kannada film industry.
Rajkumar is perhaps the only real singing star left in the indian film industry.
Rajkumar is beloved by millions in his native karnataka.
Rajkumar is a bachelors in electronics and communication from madras university.
Rajkumar is the chairman and chief surgeon of rigid hospitals private ltd.

What is the origin of name Rajkumar? Probably UK or United Arab Emirates.

Rajkumar spelled backwards is Ramukjar
This name has 8 letters: 3 vowels (37.50%) and 5 consonants (62.50%).

Anagrams: Umkajarr Kjumraar Arurkajm Juraramk Makarjur
Misspells: Rsjkumar Tajkumar Lajkumar Ajkumar Rajkumara Rjakumar Rajkumra Rajkuamr

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Sujitha Rajkumar
Sandeep Rajkumar
Tmhnu Rajkumar
Prasad Rajkumar
Balu Rajkumar
Bonam Rajkumar
Martin Rajkumar
Patrapalli Rajkumar Rajkumar
Kim Rajkumar
Hemapriya Rajkumar
Vannia Rajkumar
Namdev Rajkumar
Roshni Rajkumar
Rojit Rajkumar
Karthikeyan Rajkumar
Ampady Rajkumar
Armand Rajkumar
Nishkarsh Rajkumar
Jayasudha Rajkumar
Vijayalakshmi Rajkumar
Methuselah Rajkumar
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Rishi Rajkumar
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Murugan Rajkumar
Ch Rajkumar
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Rajamanickam Rajkumar
Suhasini Rajkumar
Nicole Rajkumar
Arokianathan Rajkumar
Beena Rajkumar
Pradip Rajkumar
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Rajkumarg Rajkumar
Ayappasoor Rajkumar
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