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The word Prendergast has a web popularity of 5330000 pages.


What means Prendergast?
The meaning of Prendergast is unknown.

Web synthesis about this name:

...Prendergast is obliged to act independently of the authority of his home nation.
Prendergast is a happy and successful school with excellent results.
Prendergast is included among the members of the eight and concurrently is usually counted among.
Prendergast is very perceptive in her criticism of heath.
Prendergast is an exceptional leader who has achieved monumental progress in positioning wachovia for high performance.
Prendergast is an engineer and mathematician by profession.
Prendergast is a retiring police detective on his last day of work.
Prendergast is currently working on a masters thesis that hopes to assess the level of possible exposure to the toxic.
Prendergast is a professional evolutionary astrologer residing in salinas california with her cat.
Prendergast is a professional evolutionary astrologer residing in houston.

What is the origin of name Prendergast? Probably UK or Ireland.

Prendergast spelled backwards is Tsagrednerp
This name has 11 letters: 3 vowels (27.27%) and 8 consonants (72.73%).

Misspells: Prendergsst Ptendergast Prendergastt Plendergast Pendergast Prendergat Prendergasta Perndergast Prendergats Prendergsat

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