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The word Ox has a web popularity of 179000000 pages.


What means Ox?
The meaning of Ox is unknown.

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...Ox is an faa repair station and authorized parts distributor.
Ox is an faa approved component repair station specializing in aviation oxygen equipment and has been in business for over forty years.
Ox is born under the sign of balance and perseverance.
Ox is executed from a unix shell and has a number of optional command.
Ox is born under the signs of equilibrium and tenacity.
Ox is born under the twins sign of equilibrium and endurance.
Ox is as shy in romantic encounters as it is in almost any.
Ox is designed to restore drainage in a clogged or sluggish drainfield or cesspool.
Ox is a tapestry of interwoven stories that relates the tales of three americans visiting morocco for the first time.
Ox is a specially designed oxygenation unit that uses pure oxygen to generate dissolved oxygen.

What is the origin of name Ox? N/A
Ox spelled backwards is Xo
This name has 2 letters: 1 vowels (50.00%) and 1 consonants (50.00%).

Anagrams: Xo
Misspells: Oxa Ox Xo

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