Ovadia - details and analysis   

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What means Ovadia?

The meaning of Ovadia is: God's worker

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...Ovadia is working in collaboration with ginger booth from the cce.
Ovadia is the president of the council of torah sages.
Ovadia is able to create truly unique products at a competitive price.
Ovadia is still studying the situation and has yet to issue a ruling on the issue.
Ovadia is starting to regret her decision to study english.
Ovadia is a principal system architect in the cable network operation business unit at intel.
Ovadia is a fellow of the royal australian college of general practioners.
Ovadia is an important element of the misunderstanding and the.
Ovadia is the cantor at temple ohev sholom in harrisburg.
Ovadia is a graduate of forsyth technical institute in north carolina with a field of concentration in business.

What is the origin of name Ovadia? Probably Israel or France.

Ovadia spelled backwards is Aidavo
This name has 6 letters: 4 vowels (66.67%) and 2 consonants (33.33%).

Anagrams: Avodia Aadiov Adaovi Idavoa Ovaida
Misspells: Ovsdia Ovadya Owadia Ovadiaa Oavdia Ovadai Ovaida

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Ovadia Ovadia Ovadia Ovadia Ovadia
Ovadia Ovadia Ovadia Ovadia Ovadia

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