Nilsen - details and analysis   

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The word Nilsen has a web popularity of 25500000 pages.


What means Nilsen?

The meaning of Nilsen is: Victorious; conquerer of the people. Variant of Nicholas.

Web synthesis about this name:

...Nilsen is mr peter vandenheuvel whose official title is managing director.
Nilsen is a serial killer currently serving a life sentence in the.
Nilsen is a professor at the centre of international health.
Nilsen is working on solutions to the landfill in sarajevo.
Nilsen is currently director of the center for rna molecular biology.
Nilsen is the public affairs coordinator for the national society of fund raising executives.
Nilsen is the authorised australian distributor for ge digital energy ups systems.
Nilsen is professor of english at arizona state university and the editor of the international society for humor studies.
Nilsen is professor of english at arizona state university and executive secretary of the international society of humor studies.
Nilsen is a founder of the los angeles free music society and a noted photographer.

What is the origin of name Nilsen? Probably Norway or UK.

Nilsen spelled backwards is Neslin
This name has 6 letters: 2 vowels (33.33%) and 4 consonants (66.67%).

Anagrams: Ninles Nlensi Isnenl Lsenni Ninsel Nnelis Snieln Esninl Ninesl
Misspells: Nillsen Nylsen Nilen Nilsena Nlisen Nilsne Nilesn

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Brianne Nilsen
Art Nilsen
Marianne Terland Nilsen
Gunhild Nilsen
Ola Nilsen
Bente Hofgaard Nilsen
Peter Flemming Nilsen
Ole Georg Nilsen
Rolf Tore Nilsen
Ida Nilsen
Solveig Skumlien Nilsen
Fredrik Nilsen
Melissa Nilsen
Pabi Nilsen
Solfrid Nilsen
Janne Marie Nilsen
Sanja Nilsen
Debbie Nilsen
Kari Nilsen
Jan Torger Nilsen
Anne Hauge Nilsen
Kim Nilsen
Camilla Nesse Nilsen
Lyn Nilsen
Lars P. Nilsen
Stacy Nilsen
Goran Nilsen
John Antonio Nilsen
Kate Nilsen
Henrik Ronneberg Nilsen
Evelyn Nilsen
Silje Nilsen
Leigh Nilsen
Sarah Nilsen