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The word Niazi has a web popularity of 3210000 pages.


What means Niazi?
The meaning of Niazi is unknown.

Raoof Muhammad Niazi says: These muslim peoples often belong to northern area of pakistan and southern area of Afganistan.

Raoof Muhammad Niazi says: These Muslim peoples often belong to northern area of Pakistan and southern area of Afghanistan.

sikander Hayat Niazi says: Niazi is a tribe. Original place--Nangarhar province Afghanistan--this tribe is basically present in Mianwali Punjab. Pakistan

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...Niazi is a widely published author in scientific and medical literature.
Niazi is an attending plastic surgeon at westchester medical center.
Niazi is very much clear that time had come to fight the dictatorship instead of weakening the political set.
Niazi is reportedly raised the same point with the incumbent dg gen munir.
Niazi is the second to have caused serious misgivings among sections of the new interim administration.
Niazi is a distinguished professor at the same college in lahore that pervez musharraf attended.
Niazi is expected to merge his faction with the former.
Niazi is the same soldier who saluted the indian army chief while surrendering in the former east pakistan.
Niazi is that he was making money in the handling of martial law cases while posted as goc sialkot and later as goc and martial law administrator at lahore.
Niazi is the story of the abject manner in which he agreed to sign the surrender document laying down arms to the so.

What is the origin of name Niazi? Probably Pakistan or UK.

Niazi spelled backwards is Izain
This name has 5 letters: 3 vowels (60.00%) and 2 consonants (40.00%).

Anagrams: Niiza Izani Aizin Aznii Ianzi Naizi Ziina Nazii Iazni Nizai Iinaz
Misspells: Niszi Nyazi Niazia Naizi Niaiz Nizai

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Lutf Niazi
Omid Niazi
Subhan Niazi
Atif Khan Niazi
Maryam Niazi
Inayat Ullah Niazi
Aitzaz Niazi
Maral Niazi
Azhar Niazi
Ifrah Niazi
Hafeez Niazi
Ali Sheikh Niazi
Hira Niazi
Nelum Niazi
Jopin Niazi
Yasir Niazi
Mnk Niazi
Mana Niazi
Assad Niazi
Othmane Niazi
Awais Khan Niazi
Attaullah Niazi
Abbas Niazi
Wendy Niazi
Habib Niazi
Shahroze Niazi
Khitan Niazi
Amina Niazi
Razan Niazi
Rashda Niazi
Sheena Niazi
Shekib Niazi
Rehman Niazi
Anjum Niazi
Ish Niazi
Hamza Junaid Niazi
Sanober Niazi
Naj Niazi
Ruya Niazi
Wasim Niazi
Saeed Niazi
Sophia Niazi
Zk Niazi
Saida Niazi