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The word Nayeri has a web popularity of 345000 pages.


What means Nayeri?
The meaning of Nayeri is unknown.

Web synthesis about this name:

...Nayeri is a member of technical staff at the distributed object management project of gte laboratories.
Nayeri is a member of technical staff at critical mass.
Nayeri is a research economist and project director for health services research at the university of.
Nayeri is a founder of the committee in defense of democratic freedoms in iran.
Nayeri is the director of product development at critical mass.

What is the origin of name Nayeri? Probably Iran or UK.

Nayeri spelled backwards is Ireyan
This name has 6 letters: 4 vowels (66.67%) and 2 consonants (33.33%).

Anagrams: Iyrnea Yinare Yerina Ianery Inyrae Aryine Eryina Nairey
Misspells: Nsyeri Nayeti Nayery Naieri Nayeli Nayei Nayeria Nyaeri Nayeir Nayrei

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