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What means Mughal?
The meaning of Mughal is unknown.

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...Mughal is a persian variation of the word mongol and clearly chosen by babur to emphasize his ancestry.
Mughal is the director of the christian studies centre in rawalpindi which is the centre where for the past few years two parish clergy each year from.
Mughal is a computer engineer currently appointed as a vice president at bay systems consulting.
Mughal is a vice president at bay systems consulting.
Mughal is the jamia masjid the mughal gardens and the couplet that shahjehan uttered on coming to kashmir.
Mughal is the appellation given by the dekhani historians to all the foreign muhammadans.
Mughal is an aga khan university faculty member working with the lady health visitors program.
Mughal is subdued and sensuousness and gentleness make an appearance in the paintings executed for jahangir and his successors.
Mughal is an eminent archaeologist and scholar of international repute who was awarded tamgha.
Mughal is the much greater attention given to individual faces.

What is the origin of name Mughal? Probably Pakistan or UK.

Mughal spelled backwards is Lahgum
This name has 6 letters: 2 vowels (33.33%) and 4 consonants (66.67%).

Anagrams: Alhugm Ughaml Glauhm Aghuml Hgauml Lmuhga Hlamgu Lgamhu
Misspells: Mughsl Mughall Mughala Mguhal Mughla Mugahl

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