Morris - details and analysis   

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The word Morris has a web popularity of 50200000 pages.


What means Morris?

The meaning of Morris is: Dark Skinned

Marthese Morris says: WOW :-) that many!!! Its amazing to learn these statistcs! Popular surname indeed!

Morris Nzioki says: Thanks we r dark skinned

MORRIS BATASI says: continue doing the good job. but i cannot find my name in the list.

What is the origin of name Morris? Probably UK or France.

Morris spelled backwards is Sirrom
This name has 6 letters: 2 vowels (33.33%) and 4 consonants (66.67%).

Anagrams: Mosrir Srimro Orsimr Rrismo Somrir Smiror Rsoirm Irsomr Mosirr
Misspells: Motris Morrys Molris Moris Morri Morrisa Mroris Morrsi Morirs

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Morris Morris Morris Morris Morris

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Kevin Morris
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Priya Morris
Lj Morris
Meribeth Morris
Jemma Morris
Elonzo Morris
Mareesha Morris
Daniela Morris
Darran Morris
Michayne Morris
Foluke Morris
Magdalena Morris
Viv Morris
Andreanecia M. Morris
Shamika Morris
Tabari Morris
Melville Morris
Hillel Morris
Leigh Morris
July Morris
Trayna Morris
Steeve Morris
Vivien Morris
Barb Morris
Robbin Morris
Georgina Morris
Antwaine Morris
Ave Morris
Philip Morris
Liz Liz Morris
Kelsha Morris
Karla Karla Morris
Ericka Morris
Paul Morris
Alun Owen Morris
Osjetta Morris
Irwin Morris
Yusef Morris
Chicari Morris
Assia Morris
Euryn Morris
Emory Morris
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Tonia Morris
Stella Morris
Mystie Morris
Charlene Morris
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Berwyn Morris
Carissa Morris
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Loz Morris
Wei Wei Morris
Hermine Morris
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Cherri Morris
Maurie Morris
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Betsy Carpenter Morris
Billie Jean Morris
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Nora Morris
John Richard Morris
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Martinique Morris
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Marnie Morris
Shawnna Morris
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Pam Morris
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Gen Morris
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Mari Morris
Morlino Morris
Mottie Morris
Don W. Morris
Fredrick Morris
Con Morris
Monrico Morris
Kirsti Morris
Eleonore Morris
Maci Morris
Ben Morris Morris