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The word Moore has a web popularity of 518000000 pages.


What means Moore?

The meaning of Moore is: Dark Skinned

jamari moore says: cool give lot of information

Scattergood Moore says: as you can see, my name contains 'Moore' more on my Moore family here:

Mike Moore says: This name was given to those who lived in low lying marshlands around Britain. May have originated around now flooded Doggerland.

Kaleigh Moore says: Interesting info

Web synthesis about this name:

...Moore is the associate director of community health.
Moore is a proud sista teaching black literature and black.
Moore is the author of a maze of grace claiming your.
Moore is not the natural father of kar and ltr in the.
Moore is coordinator of the community recycling network for.
Moore is a four letter word choral classics sleeping giants.
Moore is not only the best running back in conference usa.
Moore is too much in east gaston victory quarterback throws 2 touchdown passes.
Moore is able to utilize the latest techniques and materials for absolutely spectacular results.
Moore is preparing to study overseas for nine months in ireland.

What is the origin of name Moore? Probably UK or New Zealand.

Moore spelled backwards is Eroom
This name has 5 letters: 3 vowels (60.00%) and 2 consonants (40.00%).

Anagrams: Moero Orome Oerom Ormoe Oomre Reomo Moroe Eormo Meroo Eomor
Misspells: Moote Moole Mooe Moorea Mooer Moroe

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