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The word Mammen has a web popularity of 3340000 pages.


What means Mammen?
The meaning of Mammen is unknown.

Web synthesis about this name:

...Mammen is associate professor of mathematical statistics.
Mammen is a former law clerk to the honorable robert r.
Mammen is president of the institute of public administration.
Mammen is president of ipa and chair of the apa international division.
Mammen is also a business representative to the local school advisory group and he mentors other small.
Mammen is a graduate of the university of tampa and has earned a master of business administration degree from the university of chicago graduate school of.
Mammen is working in the department of psychiatry in cmc.
Mammen is the son of thampy and anna mammen and attended lakeside high school.
Mammen is stepping down as coordinator of the vermont freedom to marry task force.
Mammen is a fellow of the royal college of surgeons of england.

What is the origin of name Mammen? Probably UK or United Arab Emirates.

Mammen spelled backwards is Nemmam
This name has 6 letters: 2 vowels (33.33%) and 4 consonants (66.67%).

Anagrams: Manmem Nmemma Amnemm Mmenma Nammem Nmemam Mnaemm Emnamm Manemm
Misspells: Msmmen Mammena Mmamen Mammne Mamemn

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