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The word Madsen has a web popularity of 35400000 pages.


What means Madsen?
The meaning of Madsen is unknown.

Jakob Lønnerød madsen says: Wow... this is amazing

Martha Mary Madsen says: Interesting! I thought it meant "son of Matthew."

Not Madsen says: Madsen means 'son of Mads', which is a danish male first name. 'sen' being an evolution of 'søn' only used in surnames.

Karsten Mungo Madsen says: The meaning of madsen is this: Son of Mads. Mads is a scandinavic form of Mathew (Mathias) wich means "a gift from god

Web synthesis about this name:

...Madsen is the third woman to be elected to a seat on the bench of the washington state supreme court since the formation of the court in 1889.
Madsen is professor of sociology at the university of california.
Madsen is a defensive specialist who can also put points on the board when need be.
Madsen is entering the franchise as rogue cia agent damian falco.
Madsen is part of a major change to the stanford cardinal basketball team.
Madsen is currently conducting research with stroke survivors and their spouses who attend theinterdisciplinary rehabilitation.
Madsen is celebrating his 32nd year in broadcasting and 10th anniversary with wggb news40.
Madsen is a senior fellow of the electronic privacy information center.
Madsen is quickly making a name for himself on the new york music scene.
Madsen is part of an auburn university team that is extensively involved in the development and computer implementation of models of the mechanical.

What is the origin of name Madsen? Probably Denmark or Norway.

Madsen spelled backwards is Nesdam
This name has 6 letters: 2 vowels (33.33%) and 4 consonants (66.67%).

Anagrams: Mandes Ndemsa Asnemd Dsenma Namsed Nmedas Snaedm Esnamd Manesd
Misspells: Msdsen Maden Madsena Mdasen Madsne Madesn

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Sonja Berndt Madsen
Tina Damgaard Madsen
Graeme Madsen
Cody Madsen
Anders Drejer Madsen
Marianne Karoline Madsen
Ted Madsen
Christian Bruun Madsen
Magnus Hald Madsen
Helena Telling Madsen
Annita Steensgaard Madsen
Philippe Madsen
Anja Dahl Madsen
Jesper P. Madsen
Peter Ole Madsen
Cecilie Lapirtis Madsen
Claus Hilmar Madsen
Billie Madsen
Carsten Vium Madsen
Shellie Madsen
Carsten Bech Madsen
Arne Bay Madsen
Marcelo Madsen
Jonna Skov Madsen
Diane Madsen
Soren Hoj Madsen
Svend Madsen
Grandpa Madsen
Hans E Madsen
Ares Madsen
Vini Madsen
Kirstine Melchior Madsen
Louise Holmegaard Madsen
Jan Boendorf Madsen
Robson Madsen
Jeffrey Madsen
Martin Kirstein Madsen
Jeppe Bisgaard Madsen
Svend B. Madsen
Gunnar Ring Madsen
Niels Vang Madsen
Daniel Madsen
Constance Madsen
Klaus Othar Madsen
Randy Madsen
Bent Blinkenberg Madsen
Marissa Madsen
Mette K. Madsen
Heidi Ina Madsen
Torsten Madsen
Kim Helleberg Madsen
Rob Madsen
Kalle Toft Madsen
Tracy Madsen
Bernice Madsen
Jorgen Rask Madsen
Rich Madsen
Arild Madsen
Shuangyu Madsen
Tom Erik Madsen
Victoria Madsen
Christian Harbo Madsen
Susan R. Madsen
Gaute Madsen
Jens Ole Madsen
Birgith Madsen
Fanny Madsen
Tammy Madsen
Rikke Reidar Madsen
Mogens Telling Madsen
Dorthe Blaabjerg Madsen
Birgit N. Madsen
Jesper Hedeager Madsen
Shayne Madsen
Pia Nystrup Madsen
Lars Aresteen Madsen
Ole Dahl Madsen
Sherry Madsen
Judit Madsen
Henrik Holst Madsen
Henrik Callesen Madsen
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Ron Madsen
Steven K. Madsen
Sonny Rose Madsen
Anne Y. Madsen