Mababangloob - details and analysis   

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The word Mababangloob has a web popularity of 17200 pages.


What means Mababangloob?
The meaning of Mababangloob is unknown.

Noli Mababangloob says: Mababangloob is a tagalog (Filipino) word. It combines two words: 'mababa' and 'loob'. Adding 'ng' to 'mababa', makes it an adjective describing the noun 'loob'. Literally, 'mababa' means low and 'loob' means inside. The use of the word 'loob' with 'mababa' changes the context and together, the word 'loob' more accurately means 'in the heart' or 'inner being'. When one has a lowly heart or down to earth disposition, that person is humble. 'Mababangloob' means: 'humble'.

What is the origin of name Mababangloob? Probably Philippines or France.

Mababangloob spelled backwards is Boolgnababam
This name has 12 letters: 5 vowels (41.67%) and 7 consonants (58.33%).

Anagrams: Aabgobambonl Ababobnamgol Blanobboamag Lmabobagaonb Onbabloabagm Bboblogmaana Blabagobnoma
Misspells: Msbabangloob Mababanglloob Mababanglooba Mbaabangloob Mababanglobo

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Rene Mababangloob
Noli Mababangloob
Noel Mababangloob
Leah Juaymah Mababangloob
Mary Mababangloob
Cristie Mababangloob
Reydan Mababangloob
Neth Mababangloob
Aldrin Mababangloob
Egay Mababangloob
Reggie Mababangloob
Emer Mababangloob