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The word Lambros has a web popularity of 1850000 pages.


What means Lambros?
The meaning of Lambros is unknown.

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...Lambros is a relative newcomer to the cuemaking scene.
Lambros is affiliated with emory northlake regional medical center in tucker.
Lambros is a team of highly motivated individuals dedicated to the sale.
Lambros is a family backed company that opened their doors in 1961.
Lambros is currently the director of the center for excellence in research.
Lambros is requesting the us federal court in minnesota to make a finding as to the discrimination that exists to all brazilians that have been arrested on.
Lambros is requesting that all forthcoming hearings in this case before the court be held by telephone conference call.
Lambros is our shipyard representative for the greek market and for projects elsewhere but originated from greece efective 15 february 2002.
Lambros is a yorkshire terrier who barks in both greek and english.
Lambros is trading blows with a big brother 240z driven by andrew pidden in 22nd spot.

What is the origin of name Lambros? Probably Greece or UK.

Lambros spelled backwards is Sorbmal
This name has 7 letters: 2 vowels (28.57%) and 5 consonants (71.43%).

Anagrams: Sabrolm Solmabr Blamsor
Misspells: Lsmbros Lambtos Llambros Lamblos Lambos Lambro Lambrosa Lmabros Lambrso Lambors

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