Kassim - details and analysis   

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The word Kassim has a web popularity of 4680000 pages.


What means Kassim?
The meaning of Kassim is unknown.

Web synthesis about this name:

...Kassim is encouraged to do harmless cathartic activities that will release his emotions.
Kassim is focused on recovering from this nightmarish incident and getting back in the gym as soon as the doctors give him the nod.
Kassim is new to the english department this semester.
Kassim is a member of the community and youth workers union.
Kassim is a member of the chartered institute of building.
Kassim is an accomplished handyman and does all the renovations the school may require.
Kassim is caught trying to make off with the treasures in the cave.
Kassim is overode by gamelan performance sound at the the dinner.
Kassim is trying to manipulate brown to murder jim and clear a path for himself.
Kassim is the founder and managing director of rehanstat sdn bhd and has a formal education in statistics.

What is the origin of name Kassim? Probably UK or Malaysia.

Kassim spelled backwards is Missak
This name has 6 letters: 2 vowels (33.33%) and 4 consonants (66.67%).

Anagrams: Kamsis Msiksa Asmiks Ssimka Maksis Mkisas Smaisk Ismaks Kamiss
Misspells: Ksssim Kassym Kasim Kassima Ksasim Kassmi Kasism

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Kassim Kassim Kassim Kassim Kassim

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Halimah Mohamed Kassim
Ismail Kassim
Toyin Kassim
Azizah Kassim
Marzura Md Kassim
Abu Kassim
Muhammed Kassim
Adeniyi Kassim
Khairan Kassim
Naila Kassim
Yang Razali Kassim
Babatunde Kassim
Zaleha Kassim
Rahdan Kassim
Mukhtar Mukhtar Kassim
Tomi Kassim
Abba Kassim
Mohd Hissam Kassim
Manzoor Kassim
Yassin Kassim
Hisham Kassim
Shamsuri Kassim
Arif Kassim
Fawzi Kassim
Shile Kassim
Khairil Kassim
Mazlina Mohd Kassim
Hafizoah Kassim
Segun Kassim
Adiketu Kassim
Latifah Kassim
Jain Kassim
Irshad Kassim
Mustafa Kassim
Shaaban Kassim
Wahaj Kassim
Balkis Kassim
Parveen Kassim
Norliza Kassim
Nurul Mohd Kassim
Yusuph Kassim
Shaheed Kassim
Hanafiah Kassim
Suhail Kassim
Ahmed Hassan Kassim
Zhaheer Kassim
Habib Kassim