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The word Jespersen has a web popularity of 3660000 pages.


What means Jespersen?
The meaning of Jespersen is unknown.

Rainer Jespersen says: Origin: My branch of Jespersen iriginates to Skovby in Sønderjylland, DK. It means son of Jesper. In my family on father's side, the eldest son was named Jesper Hansen, then Hans Jespersen and so on. There is no single origin for the name. As danish legislation froze the last names, it was Jespersen for my family.

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...Jespersen is a sun microsystems distinguished engineer and the architect of sun one.
Jespersen is a sun microsystems distinguished engineer and the chief technologist of sun one products.
Jespersen is beginning his fifth season with the penn volleyball program in 2002.
Jespersen is a gallerist and the curator of the performance festival odense.
Jespersen is the principal in the new zealand legal firm of jespersen and associates which is based in auckland.
Jespersen is teaching organization and management at the master of public health program in aarhus.
Jespersen is chairman of la jolla resources international ltd.
Jespersen is chair of the history department at north georgia college and state university.
Jespersen is a professor of economics at roskilde university and is working with a group of economic experts on a report on the consequences of danish.
Jespersen is primarily interested in the question of how to analyse the relative pronoun in sentences like.

What is the origin of name Jespersen? Probably Denmark or Norway.

Jespersen spelled backwards is Nesrepsej
This name has 9 letters: 3 vowels (33.33%) and 6 consonants (66.67%).

Anagrams: Srepnejse Jresepnes Pnesseejr
Misspells: Jespetsen Jespelsen Jespesen Jepersen Jespersena Jsepersen Jespersne Jesperesn

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