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The word Jaafar has a web popularity of 6520000 pages.


What means Jaafar?

The meaning of Jaafar is: Stream

Web synthesis about this name:

...Jaafar is chair of the department of marketing and business strategy.
Jaafar is currently a junior at the university of georgia in january.
Jaafar is also involved in armed movement or use of violence or anarchism.
Jaafar is currently the accountancy course tutor at itm terengganu.
Jaafar is a senior project coordinator in national institute of public administration.
Jaafar is expected to put order into the ongoing repatriation of thousands of filipinos from malaysia where the deaths of two babies were blamed on the inhuman.
Jaafar is recognized as a legal document by companies and most financial institutions in malaysia.
Jaafar is the chief executive officer of pusat tenaga malaysia.
Jaafar is an ideal emissary to fix our immigration woes with kuala.
Jaafar is expected to have anchored on sunday at the saudi port of jazan after the high.

What is the origin of name Jaafar? Probably Malaysia or France.

Jaafar spelled backwards is Rafaaj
This name has 6 letters: 3 vowels (50.00%) and 3 consonants (50.00%).

Anagrams: Jaraaf Raajfa Afraja Arjaaf Aafjar Afarja Rajfaa Arajaf Faarja Rafaja Ajrafa Fjaraa Rfajaa Jarafa
Misspells: Jsafar Jaafat Jaafal Jaafa Jaafara Jaafra Jaaafr

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Pn Hazlina Jaafar
Abdul Jaafar
Zulkhairi Jaafar
Zainuddin Jaafar Jaafar
Leila Jaafar
Imad Jaafar
Shadi Jaafar
Juli Maizura Jaafar
Mohd Shahrol Jaafar
Mariam Jaafar
Hanafi Jaafar
Zuber Jaafar
Khairul Azam Jaafar
Haydar Jaafar
Ahmad Hurairah Jaafar
Rogayah Jaafar
Shahida Jaafar
Najla Jaafar
Fahizal Jaafar
Sharina Jaafar
Ammir Hafzan Jaafar
Kamilia Jaafar
Salim Jaafar
Abdelaziz Ben Jaafar
Nour Jaafar
Wajdi Jaafar
Lily Suhana Jaafar
Azril Jaafar
Fitriah Jaafar
Lian Abdul Jaafar
Zahra Jaafar
Aurelie Jaafar
Kak Arfah Jaafar
Hamid Jaafar
Lamrini Jaafar
Akhir Jaafar
Rezal Jaafar
Derraji Jaafar
Samar Jaafar
Junaidah Jaafar
Faiza Jaafar
Fatimah Jaafar
Zailan Jaafar
Hawa Jaafar
Yusneeda Jaafar
Yusni Jaafar
Talha Jaafar
Hamdi Jaafar
Ayman Jaafar
Jasitha Jaafar
Rahimi Jaafar
Mohd Rezalman Jaafar
Fariz Jaafar
Amena Jaafar
Annuar Jaafar
Mohd Daud Jaafar
Jafrul Jaafar
Amjad Jaafar
Kt Syed Jaafar
Roseta Mohd Jaafar