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The word Hossain has a web popularity of 18900000 pages.


What means Hossain?

The meaning of Hossain is: good or handsome

Web synthesis about this name:

...Hossain is a research scientist at the kennedy krieger institute.
Hossain is one of the most important women writers of bangladesh.
Hossain is the only genuine quick bowler of bangladesh who is operating the new ball for almost six years for his country.
Hossain is a member of the board of directors of the international centre for human rights and democratic development since 1994.
Hossain is funded by university of sydney postgraduate award scholarship.
Hossain is a renowned businessman and industrialist and business elite of rangpur.
Hossain is a former foreign minister and is considered an impressive character with an excellent reputation amongst international.
Hossain is the type of talented high technology employee that the us needs so desperately in order to maintain current economic prosperity.
Hossain is responsible for the programming and development of the software required in running the inet business.
Hossain is currently an assistant professor of information resources management.

What is the origin of name Hossain? Probably UK or United Arab Emirates.

Hossain spelled backwards is Niassoh
This name has 7 letters: 3 vowels (42.86%) and 4 consonants (57.14%).

Anagrams: Sasonhi Osniash Ssainoh Inohsas Nhaisos Sihason Sasihno Nosaihs Nihsosa Shosnia Nasohsi
Misspells: Hosssin Hossayn Hosain Hossaina Hsosain Hossani Hossian

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Mehreen Hossain
Shanoor Hossain
Erik Hossain
Mohammad Hemayet Hossain
Mohammad Babar Hossain
Maqssud Hossain
Foisal Hossain
Shakil Hossain
Alomgir Hossain Hossain
Ugir Hossain
Israil Hossain
Skawawat Hossain
Rebecca Hossain
Munna Hossain
Gorib Hossain
Mohammad Akther Hossain
Sy Hossain
Waris Hossain
Tareq Hossain
Iiucarif Hossain
Shah Noor Hossain
Mohammad Farhad Hossain
Mowin Hossain
Mirfaruk Hossain
Md Monjur Hossain
Tojammal Hossain
Shahnewaz Hossain
Mohummad Shakhawat Hossain
Iqsha Hossain
Mosaddeque Hossain
Mosior Hossain
Shahed Hossain
Alamin Hossain
Mosaddaque Hossain
Ashafaq Hossain
Faruk Hossain
Ranji Hossain
Shanawaz Hossain
Bakul Hossain
Rubel Mama Hossain
Junaed Hossain
Md Mir Hossain
Tithi Hossain
Thufail Hossain
Moim Hossain
Kazi Ayesha Hossain
Forhad Hossain
Mir Akter Hossain
Md Munjil Hossain
Sk Afsar Hossain
Teeza Hossain
Zabir Hossain
Mohamed Akbar Hossain
Takbir Hossain
Julfiker Hossain
Shafiul Hossain
Rubayet Hossain
Raina Hossain
Morshad Hossain
Emran Hossain
Junayet Hossain
Muhammad Tanvir Hossain
Kazi Sarowar Hossain
Emam Hossain
Saniat Hossain
Lina Hossain
Meehrab Hossain
Atm Zakir Hossain
Mamun Hossain
Mohammad Riad Hossain
Anwar Hossain Hossain
Iftakhar Hossain
Shamiun Hossain
Nayan Hossain
Ziaul Hossain
Syeda Rifat Hossain
Salim Hossain