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What means Hoekstra?
The meaning of Hoekstra is unknown.

Ben Hoekstra says: The name Hoekstra is - I think - used for the first time in the Netherlands and well in the Province of Friesland in the north part. From 1810 to 1813 The Netherlands belonged to France and Napoleon wanted the male people call up for the military service. Most of the people in the north of the country didn't have a family name. So they had to choose one. My forefather's full name was Jelle Jolles where Jolle was the name of his father. His father's full name was Jolle Murks, his father's name was Murk. In 1811 my forefather choosed as familyname Hoekstra. He lived probably on the corner of the street or way (he lived in a very small village). The Dutch word for corner is hoek. I hope this comment will make clear the origin of the name Hoekstra.

rinke says: hoekstra means something like "from the corner of the street"

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...Hoekstra is not easily pinned to one genre or style.
Hoekstra is the son of two professional classical musicians.
Hoekstra is a remarkably eclectic and fluent performer.
Hoekstra is acting with integrity letter to the editor last modified at 5.
Hoekstra is leading a series of field hearings across the country designed to identify important.
Hoekstra is from kalamazoo and is a graduate of kalamazoo christian high school.
Hoekstra is quickly establishing himself as the best.
Hoekstra is 32 jaar en sinds twee jaar woonachtig in de de kwakel.
Hoekstra is the founder of classical realism quarterly.
Hoekstra is a unique human being as original as a gasoline powered bologna slicer.

What is the origin of name Hoekstra? Probably Netherlands or UK.

Hoekstra spelled backwards is Artskeoh
This name has 8 letters: 3 vowels (37.50%) and 5 consonants (62.50%).

Anagrams: Rateksoh Sekortah Hetorkas
Misspells: Hoekstrs Hoekstta Hoeksttra Hoekstla Hoeksta Hoektra Hoekstraa Heokstra Hoekstar Hoeksrta

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