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The word Bundala has a web popularity of 358000 pages.


What means Bundala?
The meaning of Bundala is unknown.

Ntogwa Bundala says: Origin of the name Bundala,is Tanzania from Sukuma tribe.It is meaning is to lay down with a belly. This happens when a baby during its birth come out with its belly. But now,mostly it is used as surname in Sukuma na Nyamwezi tribes with same meaning

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...Bundala is a breeding ground for all five species of globally endangered sea turtles that migrate to sri lanka.
Bundala is another haven for wildlife with several more bird species to be.
Bundala is known as the last known refuge of the greater flamingos which head to the park in large flocks during the season.
Bundala is around 6200 hectares and is predominantly a bird sanctuary for both migrant and resident birds alike.
Bundala is a wetland park that is famous for its prolific birdlife.
Bundala is during the wet season when the birdlife is at its most spectacular.
Bundala is also the only national park where you can see both marsh and estuarine crocodiles on the same safari drive.

What is the origin of name Bundala? N/A
Bundala spelled backwards is Aladnub
This name has 7 letters: 3 vowels (42.86%) and 4 consonants (57.14%).

Anagrams: Naduabl Uadnalb Unaladb Ndalaub Laubdan Abaldun Nabuadl Nabadul Adlabnu Unadabl Dbunala Lanadbu Alduabn
Misspells: Bundsla Bundalla Bundalaa Bnudala Bundaal Bundlaa

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Paulo Juma Bundala
James Bundala
Emmanuel John Bundala
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