Blumenfeld - details and analysis   

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The word Blumenfeld has a web popularity of 3030000 pages.


What means Blumenfeld?
The meaning of Blumenfeld is unknown.

Web synthesis about this name:

...Blumenfeld is associate professor of italian at vassar college.
Blumenfeld is an excellent choice for groups seeking a wise and experienced voice in the education field.
Blumenfeld is the first composer to devote extensive attention to the poetry of the precocious and notorious arthur rimbaud.
Blumenfeld is an award winning artist whose paintings are represented in many private and public collections including the museum of art.
Blumenfeld is an award winning artist whose paintings are represented in many private and public collections including the museum of.
Blumenfeld is an award winning artist whose paintings are represented in many private and pu.
Blumenfeld is represented by charlotte jackson fine art in santa fe.
Blumenfeld is a leading authority on christian home school education.
Blumenfeld is the author of eight books on education.
Blumenfeld is a ceramicist who brings another dimension to his craft.

What is the origin of name Blumenfeld? Probably Israel or France.

Blumenfeld spelled backwards is Dlefnemulb
This name has 10 letters: 3 vowels (30.00%) and 7 consonants (70.00%).

Misspells: Bllumenfeld Blumenfelda Bulmenfeld Blumenfedl Blumenfled

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