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The word Bajwa has a web popularity of 8640000 pages.


What means Bajwa?
The meaning of Bajwa is unknown.

Sakhawat says: Pakistan panjab lahore city

Web synthesis about this name:

...Bajwa is a very innovative farmer of village bhore saidan of pehowa sub division of dist.
Bajwa is one of only three wisconsin cardiologists authorized to perform the aneurx procedure for abdominal aortic aneurysms.
Bajwa is an american citizen born in india and schooled in the united kingdom.
Bajwa is also a graduate of the american academy of preventive medicine.
Bajwa is assistant professor of anesthesia and neurology.
Bajwa is assistant professor of anesthesia and neurology at harvard medical school and a staff member of the pain management and comprehensive headache centers.
Bajwa is optimistic that the environment will be far less onerous for the underclassmen.
Bajwa is an american citizen who was educated in the united kingdom.
Bajwa is keenly optimistic for the cmos sensor industry.
Bajwa is also reported to be setting up a satellite channel for broadcasts into south asia.

What is the origin of name Bajwa? Probably Pakistan or UK.

Bajwa spelled backwards is Awjab
This name has 5 letters: 2 vowels (40.00%) and 3 consonants (60.00%).

Anagrams: Baawj Jawab Jaawb Wjaab Bjawa Ajabw Waabj Waajb Ajawb Wajab Bawja
Misspells: Bsjwa Bajvva Bajwaa Bjawa Bajaw Bawja

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Inder Bajwa
Arjan Singh Bajwa
Harinder Bajwa
Gunminder Bajwa
Harry S Bajwa
Gulam Bajwa
Satinder Bajwa
Shiraz Bajwa
Rafaquat Bajwa
Satnam Bajwa
Noni Bajwa
Diltaj Bajwa
Najm Bajwa
Sp Bajwa
Qasim Bajwa
Sarbjit Singh Bajwa
Badar Bajwa
Adnan Bajwa
Harmanjit Singh Bajwa
Talha Bajwa
Prab Bajwa
Navpreet Bajwa
Jamshaid Bajwa
Asim Umair Bajwa
Simu Bajwa
Riaz Bajwa
Saad Siddique Bajwa
Gurcharan Bajwa
Sarbjot Singh Bajwa
Turab Bajwa
Gursimran Bajwa
Tipu Bajwa
Jaideep Bajwa
Azmat Bajwa
Raman Bajwa
Kulwinder Singh Bajwa
Anjit Bajwa
Gurmeet Singh Bajwa
Hassan Bajwa
Jacob Bajwa
Dani Bajwa
Shaharyar Bajwa
Zaman Bajwa
Angad Bajwa
Deepan Bajwa
Shabbir Bajwa
Kartar Bajwa
Dilbag Bajwa
Kanwarjit Bajwa
David H. Bajwa
Simran Bajwa
Abrar Bajwa
Ronnie Bajwa
Hammad Yousaf Bajwa
Umar Bajwa
Amandeep Singh Bajwa
Naval Bajwa
Ravinder Singh Bajwa
Ahmed Ali Bajwa
Ateeq Bajwa
Suratchand Bajwa
Sharanjit Bajwa
Yawer Bajwa
Jasdeep Bajwa
Dave Bajwa
Abdulrahim Bajwa