Arghir - details and analysis   


The word Arghir has a web popularity of 225,000 pages.


What means Arghir?

The meaning of Arghir is: same as the greek names argiros or argirou

What is the origin of name Arghir? Probably Romania or Moldova.

Arghir spelled backwards is Rihgra
This name has 6 letters: 2 vowels (33.33%) and 4 consonants (66.67%).

Anagrams: Gihrar Grihra Rihagr Griahr Hrarig Rahigr Grarhi Irgahr Gahrir
Misspells: Srghir Atghir Arghyr Alghir Aghir Arghira Agrhir Arghri Argihr

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Mariana Arghir
Iulian Arghir
Eliza Arghir
Silvia Arghir
Simona Arghir
Viorica Arghir
Popescu Arghir
George Arghir
Lucian Arghir
Mihai Arghir
Constantin Arghir
Daniel Arghir
Stana Arghir
Catalin Arghir
Ligia Arghir
Iulia Arghir
David Arghir
Tiberiu Arghir
Aurelian Arghir
Eduard Arghir
Carmen Arghir
Florentina Arghir
Bursasiu Arghir
Stefan Arghir
Daniela Arghir
Ioana Arghir
Adrian Arghir
Bianca Arghir
Stefania Arghir
Ilea Arghir
Oana Arghir
Cristian Arghir
Nicu Arghir
Delia Arghir
Doru Arghir
Ilie Arghir