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The word Alamgir has a web popularity of 5310000 pages.


What means Alamgir?
The meaning of Alamgir is unknown.

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...Alamgir is situated only 11 kilometers south of ludhiana along the ludhiana.
Alamgir is an old village 13 km south of ludhiana along the ludhiana.
Alamgir is also being denied medical attention and was the target of an attempted attack by a man armed with a knife in.
Alamgir is mentioned numerous times here and it is brought to your attention for informational purposes only.
Alamgir is a professor of civil engineering at bangladesh institute of technology.
Alamgir is the owner of a few shops including a hotel near bahddarhat bus terminal.
Alamgir is a member of mqm then we will try to get him released.
Alamgir is director of the policy and planning division of ifad in romeand the author of famine in south asia.
Alamgir is director of the policy and planning dividsion of ifad and co.
Alamgir is a key witness in the case and could provide more clues.

What is the origin of name Alamgir? Probably UK or Pakistan.

Alamgir spelled backwards is Rigmala
This name has 7 letters: 3 vowels (42.86%) and 4 consonants (57.14%).

Anagrams: Laramig Larigma Amgirla Irlamga Ragimla Ilraamg Gmiraal Malarig Igarmal Rgalami
Misspells: Slamgir Alamgit Allamgir Alamgyr Alamgil Alamgi Alamgira Aalmgir Alamgri Alamigr

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Alamgir Alamgir Alamgir Alamgir Alamgir

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