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The word Adamek has a web popularity of 6580000 pages.


What means Adamek?
The meaning of Adamek is unknown.

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...Adamek is a 1978 graduate of the university of san francisco where he earned his bachelor of science degree in business.
Adamek is scheduled to spend the week of september 25 th at jefferson school.
Adamek is an adjunct faculty instructor in the mcc education program.
Adamek is responsible for all operational aspects of stonehenge and its fund management activities.
Adamek is the executive vice president of sales and business development of fulltilt.
Adamek is pleased to announce an appointment to the staff at the peoria heights corporate.
Adamek is a freelance film critic and feature articles writer with eleven years experience covering new film releases and film festivals such as cannes.
Adamek is just coming back after having complete knee reconstruction on her takeoff knee.
Adamek is working to change what he sees as shortcomings in the interstate compact for the placement of juveniles.
Adamek is an australian entertainment journalist based in los angeles.

What is the origin of name Adamek? Probably UK or Poland.

Adamek spelled backwards is Kemada
This name has 6 letters: 3 vowels (50.00%) and 3 consonants (50.00%).

Anagrams: Adkaem Akadem Damaek Amekad Kdamea Deakam Meakad Kamead Dakame Maakde Kmaade Dmakae Adkema
Misspells: Sdamek Adameka Aadmek Adamke Adaemk

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