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The word Yassine has a web popularity of 11100000 pages.


What means Yassine?
The meaning of Yassine is unknown.

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...Yassine is the founder and spokesperson of the islamic resistance movement hamas.
Yassine is the spiritual leader and a founding member of hamas.
Yassine is the founder and spiritual leader of the islamic resistance movement.
Yassine is one of the founders of the crystal clinic.
Yassine is leader of an islamic group called al adl wal ihsan.
Yassine is a professional trainer on autodesk and discreet products.
Yassine is an architect with over eight years of experience training professionals in 3d modeling.
Yassine is an austrian national living in australia who speaks english.
Yassine is a research scientist at mit center for technology.
Yassine is under house arrest and the source said basri would announce that he would end police protection.

What is the origin of name Yassine? Probably Morocco or France.

Yassine spelled backwards is Enissay
This name has 7 letters: 4 vowels (57.14%) and 3 consonants (42.86%).

Anagrams: Aisseny Asenisy Naesysi Snyisae Easinys Enysasi Isneysa Asiseyn Syaseni Nisesya Eisaysn
Misspells: Ysssine Yassyne Iassine Yasine Yassinea Ysasine Yassien Yassnie

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Yassine Rhouma
Yassine Amrane
Yassine Baba Ahmed
Yassine Fifo
Yassine Daiboun Sahel
Yassine Aidouni
Yassine Elmoussaoui
Yassine El Hahi
Yassine El Adlouni
Yassine Ait Si
Yassine Abdallaoui
Yassine Joudar
Yassine Abouelhouda
Yassine Harchaoui
Yassine Bouialhaj
Yassine Saber
Yassine Karouani
Yassine Daoui
Yassine Rhanoui
Yassine Arfaoui
Yassine Belkacemi
Yassine Badaoui
Yassine Baradai
Yassine Zaghzi
Yassine Lafrihi
Yassine Boulamayme
Yassine Hammia
Yassine Atri
Yassine Benkirane
Yassine Mobarak
Yassine Fersadou
Yassine Hamdane
Yassine Belabed
Yassine Bousselmi
Yassine Amir
Yassine Youssief
Yassine Bounihi
Yassine Kikou
Yassine Yassinemedia
Yassine Tarbaoui
Yassine Ters
Yassine Barhmi
Yassine Ben Ezzedine
Yassine Chargui
Yassine Kesfi
Yassine Necib
Yassine Meziani
Yassine Benzerga
Yassine Watir
Yassine Tsouli
Yassine Saioud