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The word Yasemin has a web popularity of 17000000 pages.


What means Yasemin?

The meaning of Yasemin is: The Persian name Yasemin means - a form of Yasmin

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...Yasemin is very happy for the extraordinary exposure the record has received.
Yasemin is the membership marketing director at the national association of insurance and financial advisors.
Yasemin is the membership marketing director at the national association of insurance and.
Yasemin is a superb cook and is very accommodating to every taste.
Yasemin is a finely observed portrayal of the difficulties that can arise when two different cultures meet.
Yasemin is about to hurl herself 105m into the depths of the red sea and swim back up.
Yasemin is a turkish national living in turkey who speaks english.
Yasemin is a three year varsity player and two year varsity starter for pinewood.
Yasemin is active in a judo club where she fights with great ability.
Yasemin is laid to rest in istanbul after she dies from a brain tumor.

What is the origin of name Yasemin? Probably Turkey or UK.

Yasemin spelled backwards is Nimesay
This name has 7 letters: 4 vowels (57.14%) and 3 consonants (42.86%).

Anagrams: Aynseim Smeanyi Amesniy Asnimey Seminay Iansyem Siymean Emsiyna Naemiys Snyamei Niysaem Meinysa Asmenyi
Misspells: Yssemin Yasemyn Iasemin Yaemin Yasemina Ysaemin Yasemni Yaseimn

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Yasemin Salih
Yasemin Aylin Koroglu
Yasemin Fatoglu
Yasemin Guner
Yasemin Simsek
Yasemin Kalender
Yasemin Mesda
Yasemin Basatli
Yasemin Ezgi
Yasemin Allsop
Yasemin Dizdar
Yasemin Bozbey
Yasemin Ruskin
Yasemin Oruncak
Yasemin Dogu
Yasemin Elif
Yasemin Yolal
Yasemin Sahin
Yasemin Kazan
Yasemin Akaydin Miller