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The word Waleed has a web popularity of 1790000 pages.


What means Waleed?

The meaning of Waleed is: Newly-born

Warood says: My name is arabic

Web synthesis about this name:

...Waleed is single and has been carrying on a telephone romance with a certain fareeha naz.
Waleed is amongst the rarest of the rich who has broken the taboo of buying second hand luxury.
Waleed is working for the smart internet technology cooperative research centre as a senior research fellow.
Waleed is 23 and in the final year of a law and engineering degree at the university of melbourne.
Waleed is a us educated yuppie who runs a software firm in karachi.
Waleed is assisted in the running of his kingdom corporation by his son prince khaled bin waleed al.
Waleed is not short of cash but whether he is going to put it into a formula 1 team is another question.
Waleed is a graduate of the king saud university of riyadh in saudi arabia.
Waleed is currently looking to duplicate the program throughout the metro atlanta area.
Waleed is also a gifted and anointed preacher and teacher of the word with emphasis on leadership.

What is the origin of name Waleed? Probably Egypt or Saudi Arabia.

Waleed spelled backwards is Deelaw
This name has 6 letters: 3 vowels (50.00%) and 3 consonants (50.00%).

Anagrams: Wadlee Dlewea Aedewl Alewed Leedwa Daweel Dwelae Dleewa Edaelw Delwae Eedawl Wadeel
Misspells: Wsleed Walleed Vvaleed Waleeda Wlaeed Walede

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Waleed Fathy
Waleed Fahim
Waleed Al Baluchi
Waleed Alhadidi
Waleed Alkhatteb
Waleed El Hady
Waleed Eleirem
Waleed Hambishi
Waleed Alawadhi
Waleed Shawki
Waleed Alshahrani
Waleed Hussan
Waleed Al Omithily
Waleed New
Waleed Amran
Waleed Jaffari
Waleed Fooda
Waleed Alkharji
Waleed Busafi
Waleed Akrabawi
Waleed Alra
Waleed Elhosieny
Waleed Arram
Waleed Alnajadah
Waleed Zizo
Waleed Zakzouk
Waleed Zaki
Waleed Melebari
Waleed Majed Heety
Waleed Hamdan
Waleed Al Humaid
Waleed Sheikh
Waleed Aldajani
Waleed Moujahid
Waleed Al Shareef
Waleed Kaddoura
Waleed Ibrar
Waleed Osama
Waleed Eweda
Waleed Ajouhaar
Waleed Abdellah
Waleed Hassanein
Waleed Arafat
Waleed Tadmori
Waleed Ghadban