Waldemar - details and analysis   

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The word Waldemar has a web popularity of 32100000 pages.


What means Waldemar?

The meaning of Waldemar is: Famous Ruler

Web synthesis about this name:

...Waldemar is proud to present the second rio encantado concert.
Waldemar is an ideal setting for those who want to create a unique experience for themselves and their guests.
Waldemar is proud to present the second rio encantado concert series from october 11.
Waldemar is a special place and provided an atmosphere of serenity as we explored the energy.
Waldemar is a beautiful summer camp and corporate retreat in the texas hill country.
Waldemar is a noble messenger who spends his days skiing the mountainsides looking for good little girls and boys who have letters to be delivered to santa.
Waldemar is a story of grace acquired through the fire of cancer that burned through a reckless youth.
Waldemar is an author who lives around these parts and he is more than happy to have elvira.
Waldemar is the junior european champion 2000 on parallel bars.
Waldemar is bitten and sure enough during the full moon he transforms into a wolfman.

What is the origin of name Waldemar? Probably UK or Poland.

Waldemar spelled backwards is Ramedlaw
This name has 8 letters: 3 vowels (37.50%) and 5 consonants (62.50%).

Anagrams: Emdalarw Dlemwaar Awerdalm Lewaramd Madawler
Misspells: Wsldemar Waldemat Walldemar Vvaldemar Waldemal Waldema Waldemara Wlademar Waldemra Waldeamr

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Waldemar Waldemar Waldemar Waldemar Waldemar

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Waldemar Skrzypczak
Waldemar Witczak
Waldemar Fiszer
Waldemar Redzicki
Waldemar Guzman Corvalan
Waldemar Fraguito
Waldemar Kinstler
Waldemar Tlaga
Waldemar Golebiewski
Waldemar Kardasz
Waldemar Westwalewicz
Waldemar Grondys
Waldemar Drabinski
Waldemar Fidrych
Waldemar Kempiak
Waldemar Druszcz
Waldemar Winklaar
Waldemar Malec
Waldemar Ramos
Waldemar Brand
Waldemar Illinich
Waldemar Rios Rios
Waldemar Rawecki
Waldemar Koper
Waldemar Koscinski
Waldemar Zemanek
Waldemar Groch
Waldemar Krakowiak
Waldemar Rinaldi
Waldemar Rodriguez
Waldemar Lepianka
Waldemar Scott
Waldemar Matysiak
Waldemar Kowalewski
Waldemar Rapello Filho
Waldemar Kertsman
Waldemar Halek
Waldemar Fuhr
Waldemar Dainese Filho
Waldemar Valdebenito
Waldemar Opalka
Waldemar Malicki
Waldemar Kapuscinski
Waldemar Trotta
Waldemar Mazzo
Waldemar Wall
Waldemar Morawiec
Waldemar Reimer
Waldemar Stepien
Waldemar Lesniak
Waldemar R. Plusa
Waldemar Koller
Waldemar Adamski
Waldemar Krystians
Waldemar Giannotti
Waldemar Bungue
Waldemar Ab
Waldemar Karczmarczyk
Waldemar Ramed
Waldemar Tonon
Waldemar Polanski
Waldemar Duzynski
Waldemar Silvestre
Waldemar Danielewicz
Waldemar Szafarowicz
Waldemar Caroni Cavicchiolli
Waldemar Czapski
Waldemar Branski
Waldemar Elias
Waldemar Klazar
Waldemar Vets
Waldemar Free
Waldemar Kostrzewa
Waldemar Chabowski
Waldemar Reyna
Waldemar Hornatkiewicz
Waldemar Pardo
Waldemar Wieczorek
Waldemar Ernani Martins
Waldemar Marzagao
Waldemar Haselbach
Waldemar Caldas Filho
Waldemar Fahrenbruch
Waldemar Renta
Waldemar Fritz
Waldemar Kiepski
Waldemar Hoving
Waldemar Jablonka
Waldemar Kilis
Waldemar Lugo
Waldemar Szermuszyn
Waldemar Fabianczyk
Waldemar Maldonado
Waldemar Steuer
Waldemar Jakubowski
Waldemar Lamanna
Waldemar Nogas
Waldemar Wijnbergh
Waldemar Romero
Waldemar Kopciuch
Waldemar Dacko
Waldemar Bogatzki
Waldemar Warick
Waldemar Mitrowski
Waldemar Nikolaus
Waldemar Ulejczyk
Waldemar Duda
Waldemar Franik
Waldemar Cuadrado
Waldemar Brela
Waldemar Konieczny
Waldemar Vianna Filho
Waldemar Chadzynski
Waldemar Kasriels
Waldemar Cristian
Waldemar Badinger
Waldemar Jorge Filho
Waldemar Dobrochna
Waldemar Czerniszewski
Waldemar Gomes
Waldemar Wasiela
Waldemar Szauer
Waldemar Kiernozycki
Waldemar Eckhoff
Waldemar Ostrowski
Waldemar Chrzan
Waldemar Waldemar Ciejka
Waldemar Heinrich
Waldemar Szumigaj
Waldemar Ojeda
Waldemar Bullo
Waldemar Luz
Waldemar De Vries
Waldemar Chodzinski
Waldemar Guerra
Waldemar Zagorski
Waldemar Aguiar Aguiar
Waldemar Juraschek
Waldemar Schwager
Waldemar Marconato Junior
Waldemar Cta
Waldemar Dulisch