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What means Tristram?

The meaning of Tristram is: Bold

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...Tristram is a 2yo winner who went on to be a group and listed placed winner of eight races.
Tristram is sent to ireland to bring isolde the fair back to cornwall to be the bride of his uncle.
Tristram is often alluded to by the romancers as the great authority and model in all matters relating to the chase.
Tristram is a leading nurseryman based at binsted nursery.
Tristram is both the fictionalized author of the life and opinions of tristram shandy and the child whose conception.
Tristram is concentrating on bicycle tyres initially.
Tristram is mistakenly whisked to prison in the throes of a protesting mob.
Tristram is creating viviography with the next generation.
Tristram is helping design the northern stand of the melbourne cricket ground.
Tristram is positioned on the gently sloping cliff overlooking the beach with its own direct access to the beach.

What is the origin of name Tristram? Probably UK or France.

Tristram spelled backwards is Martsirt
This name has 8 letters: 2 vowels (25.00%) and 6 consonants (75.00%).

Misspells: Tristrsm Ttistram Ttristram Trystram Tlistram Tistram Tritram Tristrama Tirstram Tristrma Tristarm

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Tristram Tristram Tristram Tristram Tristram
Tristram Tristram Tristram Tristram Tristram

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