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The word Svetlana has a web popularity of 7060000 pages.


What means Svetlana?

The meaning of Svetlana is: Bright Light

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...Svetlana is one of the oldest and largest enterprises in the electronics sector in russia.
Svetlana is a ukrainian lady who lives in the town of tsiurupinsk.
Svetlana is the largest power tube designer and manufacturer in the world.
Svetlana is dedicated to ensuring that the druzhina groups get the support they need to.
Svetlana is now working on a joint project to study the molecular ecology of acidophilic methanotrophs with dr.
Svetlana is extensively covered in photographs in the gymnastics magazines and on other websites.
Svetlana is a very beautiful gymnast on the balance beam.
Svetlana is actively involved in the local engineering community.
Svetlana is 27 yo college teacher of ukrainian language and literature in kherson.
Svetlana is built like a real woman in the chest area as well.

What is the origin of name Svetlana? Probably Russia or Moldova.

Svetlana spelled backwards is Analtevs
This name has 8 letters: 3 vowels (37.50%) and 5 consonants (62.50%).

Anagrams: Evsatanl Latnevas Nelavats Nveatsal Tlaesavn
Misspells: Svetlsna Svetllana Svettlana Swetlana Vetlana Svetlanaa Sevtlana Svetlaan Svetlnaa

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Svetlana Svetlana Svetlana Svetlana Svetlana

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Svetlana Lavrichenko
Svetlana Niki
Svetlana Shor
Svetlana Belic
Svetlana Zhitomirskaya
Svetlana Rozanova
Svetlana Spasova
Svetlana Akhromkina
Svetlana Dingarac
Svetlana Burakova
Svetlana Ropa
Svetlana Shybanova
Svetlana Busheva
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Svetlana Balacgova
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Svetlana Rossikhina
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Svetlana Bobrovich
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