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The word Suresh has a web popularity of 43600000 pages.


What means Suresh?

The meaning of Suresh is: Lord of the gods

Suresh says: Suresh is Indian origin

Web synthesis about this name:

...Suresh is personally at special risk because of his known position in the ltte.
Suresh is a very successful director who can dictate his own terms to a producer.
Suresh is certainly not lacking in breadth of perspectives.
Suresh is one of the few percussionists with an aesthetic sense of approach to performing on any percussion instrument especially ghatam his.
Suresh is a middle class indian in his early twenties who has lived in the kovalam area of kerola all his life.
Suresh is one of the few of the percussionists with an aesthetic sense of approach to accompanying on ghatam.
Suresh is returning and wonder how he would treat them.
Suresh is a sri lankan tamil who fears torture should he be returned to his home country.
Suresh is a master in computer applications and also a microsoft certified professional having an industry experience of about 4 years in web site design.
Suresh is rattan practical limitations of prescribing stress as.

What is the origin of name Suresh? Probably UK or United Arab Emirates.

Suresh spelled backwards is Hserus
This name has 6 letters: 2 vowels (33.33%) and 4 consonants (66.67%).

Anagrams: Husesr Hressu Hersus Sehusr Suhser
Misspells: Sutesh Sulesh Suesh Uresh Suresha Sruesh Surehs Surseh

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Suresh Bhol
Suresh Turaka
Suresh Babu Chinnapaka
Suresh Rasi
Suresh Ummidi
Suresh Jigalur
Suresh Basyal
Suresh Kasta
Suresh Nambarath
Suresh Deshamudhuru
Suresh Chatramatu
Suresh Sun
Suresh Nagumalla
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Suresh Prabhu
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Suresh Mano
Suresh Ciniwas
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Suresh Sukumaran
Suresh Jamy
Suresh Utukuri
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Suresh Tigadi
Suresh Sheel
Suresh Kumar Balan
Suresh Kumar Ganeshwaran
Suresh Chowdhari
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Suresh Alapati
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Suresh Ralhan Ralhan
Suresh Hawaldar Hawaldar
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Suresh Ki
Suresh Subrahmanya
Suresh Kangath