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The word Stanley has a web popularity of 55800000 pages.


What means Stanley?

The meaning of Stanley is: Stone Clearing

Stanley kipkoech kurgat says: This name is Unique and fantastic

Web synthesis about this name:

...Stanley is a graduate from the university of connecticut.
Stanley is the center of gravity in the last kubrick picture show.
Stanley is a university of vermont alumna whose service and philanthropy on behalf of the social causes.
Stanley is sick and tired of seeing our constitution and the bill of rights torn to shreds by the lawyers and the politicians.
Stanley is one of the most enthusiastic supporters of liberty this state has seen.
Stanley is an authoritative source of information on the financial markets and on industries and corporations.
Stanley is a throwback to the days when cary grant and jimmy stewart and clark gable challenged conventional mores.
Stanley is a wombat who lives with his uncles and aunts.
Stanley is cited for discrimination against women new york times june 6.
Stanley is introduced in a scene where he is obviously bored and tries to pass the time by ordering beatles albums and by playing with toy dart guns.

What is the origin of name Stanley? Probably UK or Nigeria.

Stanley spelled backwards is Yelnats
This name has 7 letters: 3 vowels (42.86%) and 4 consonants (57.14%).

Anagrams: Tsyanel Anleyts Yslenta Nlaesyt Alsynte Lneysat Talnyse Lentysa
Misspells: Stsnley Stanlley Sttanley Stanlei Tanley Stanleya Satnley Stanlye Stanely

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