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The word Srinivas has a web popularity of 15900000 pages.


What means Srinivas?

The meaning of Srinivas is: similar in indian is chiranjivi - infnite endless

SBiswas says: It is mainly a south indian name. Especially popular amongst the Tamilian community of India.

Web synthesis about this name:

...Srinivas is an accomplished bharatha natyam dancer and choreographer.
Srinivas is to indian classical music what sir yehudi menuhin is to its western equivalent.
Srinivas is taken out in golden mandapa and lord shri venkatraman in the pallaki for vanabhojana.
Srinivas is from a family on the top rung of the caste ladder.
Srinivas is called upon to handle systems administrator duties.
Srinivas is deeply passionate about teaching and has engaged in several outreach teaching projects with schools in ohio through the aronoff center for the arts.
Srinivas is a celebrated writer and writes under the pen name of indira.
Srinivas is definitely a progressive and courageous thinker.
Srinivas is a really good singer and hence my expectations for his maiden compositional venture are pretty high.
Srinivas is a civil engineer and her mother uma works in a credit union.

What is the origin of name Srinivas? Probably UK or United Arab Emirates.

Srinivas spelled backwards is Savinirs
This name has 8 letters: 3 vowels (37.50%) and 5 consonants (62.50%).

Anagrams: Niivsars Asvinirs Rvisains Sinavsir Risisavn Sivransi
Misspells: Srinivss Stinivas Srynivas Sriniwas Slinivas Sinivas Rinivas Srinivasa Sirnivas Srinivsa Sriniavs

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Srinivas Chavvakula
Srinivas Koka
Srinivas Yellapu
Srinivas Marukurthi
Srinivas Motha
Srinivas Kumaraswamy
Srinivas Somayajulu
Srinivas Anagani
Srinivas Kb
Srinivas Chintadi
Srinivas Ranganath
Srinivas Ketavarapu
Srinivas Mal
Srinivas Deshikulu
Srinivas Komira
Srinivas Mandalika
Srinivas Thirupathi
Srinivas Ganesh Dharmavaram
Srinivas Kamepalli
Srinivas Kv
Srinivas Kumar Gunti
Srinivas Infyosys
Srinivas Gudi
Srinivas Thimmasani
Srinivas Yennigalla
Srinivas V Vadrevu
Srinivas Karedla
Srinivas Rao Centerline
Srinivas Venkatahanumaia
Srinivas Rao Devulapally
Srinivas Namineni
Srinivas Mandadi
Srinivas Rekapalli
Srinivas Pogula
Srinivas Vanacharla
Srinivas Arava
Srinivas Reddy Madireddy
Srinivas Endoori
Srinivas Singhania
Srinivas Gadthula
Srinivas Jampa
Srinivas Gembali
Srinivas Progress
Srinivas Hitachi
Srinivas Madhuusudhanan
Srinivas Vt
Srinivas Trip
Srinivas Kolhe
Srinivas Sundaresh
Srinivas Kartik
Srinivas Poodari
Srinivas Chintapatla
Srinivas Saraswatula
Srinivas Singirikonda
Srinivas Kumar Kasaragadda
Srinivas Vanarasi
Srinivas Prabu
Srinivas Tirumalap
Srinivas Phutane
Srinivas Dabbeeru
Srinivas Yeligeti
Srinivas Addanki
Srinivas Kpc
Srinivas Manasvin
Srinivas Subramaniyan
Srinivas Turvekere
Srinivas Sundeep
Srinivas Polu
Srinivas Subudhy
Srinivas Nimmanagoti
Srinivas Hp
Srinivas Maddikunta
Srinivas Premdas
Srinivas Vemuru
Srinivas Palepu
Srinivas Munisawamy
Srinivas Jandhyala
Srinivas Vasal
Srinivas Hanmandla
Srinivas Gowda Gowda
Srinivas Bhagavatula
Srinivas Devineni
Srinivas Sanugula
Srinivas Rao Perara
Srinivas Kasiboina